Seminar on Energy Technologies Limits & Advances by Emre Erdem

Dear PURE Students,

Tomorrow, 3rd August, we have a seminar on Energy Technologies Limits & Advances by Emre Erdem. You can find the details below,

Seminar:  Energy Technologies Limits & Advances

Speaker:  Emre Erdem

Date & Time: 3 August, Tuesday, 13:00-14:00

Abstract: Energy and its resources are one of the most debated issues today. In this seminar we will try to find out answers to the following questions: Will renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydrogen be able to solve the energy problems of the future through the development of technology and material science? Can new metal/non-metal mines be discovered? Is nuclear energy a solution for energy demands? Why is lithium ion so important? Can we recharge our mobile phone while we are doing sports? Can we generate electricity from tears? Can electric cars compete in Formula 1 tracks? How small can a single transistor be and why do we need quantum computers? In this Future Seminar called "Social Impact of Renewable Energy Technologies", we will look for an answer to all these questions and try to figure out the impacts of such energy technologies on society.

***Participation link will be shared with you via email.

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