PURE Summer 24- FAQ

Dear PURE Applicants,
Please read these instructions carefully.
All accepted students will benefit from free accommodation in campus dorms. There is no additional scholarship.
However, due to our cooperation with YTB, some of the accepted international students will also get a wide scholarship that contains a round trip flight ticket and a monthly stipend of 6500 TL per month. If you get accepted you will get further information about this.
Here is application link; https://pure.sabanciuniv.edu/node/add/application

Reference is not mandatory; if you want to give reference you should write an email of the referee in the beginning of the application. They will get the link and fill the link.
In the university list, if your university name does not appear there, you can choose the “other” section below.
ONLY UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS CAN APPLY. MA and PhD student applications are not accepted.
You can upload an unofficial transcript. If there is no transkript you can upload an empty pdf document.
If you do not have a passport yet, you can write 00000000000 OR your national identity number in the section.
Please kindly note that you have to have a valid passport during your flight to Turkey.
For announcements, calendar and Summer 24 projects you must visit our website: https://pure.sabanciuniv.edu/

If the answer to your question is in the text above, your email will not be answered.
Happy Bayram Holiday to everyone.
Kind regards,