Seminar on Nanotechnology and Agriculture 4.0 by Merve Senem Seven

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18th August, Wednesday, we have a seminar on Nanotechnology and Agriculture 4.0 by Merve Senem Seven. You can find the details below,

Seminar:  Nanotechnology and Agriculture 4.0

Speaker:  Merve Senem Seven

Date & Time: 18 August, Wednesday, 13:30-14:30

Abstract: Many countries around the world are struggling with water scarcity and more of them are expected to encounter the same problem in coming years. This is mainly due to the fact that 70% of the global freshwater resources are used in agriculture. Therefore, water conservation is a critical issue, not only for the agricultural sector but also for the future sustainable food supply mechanisms. On the other hand, during the last 30 years, food production has increased by more than 100%; and FAO estimates that about 60% more food will be needed by 2050 to meet the food requirements of a growing global population. Fertilizers and pesticides are the necessary evils of farming, which maintain nutrients in soil, and fight pests; but conventional practices adopted in use excessive amounts of agrochemicals. Therefore, agriculture is one of the biggest polluters of water. To overcome the issues of excessive use of agrochemicals and natural resources, nanotechnology has a lot to offer ranging from controlled release active ingredient formulations to smart farming. Nowadays, the interest of using nanotechnology in agriculture focuses on specific applications including nanofertilizers and nanopesticides to trail products and nutrients levels to increase the productivity without decontamination of natural resources and soil health. This seminar is focused on the use of nanotechnology in agriculture sector and its adaptation to the next generation Agriculture 4.0 practices. Case studies on implementation of nanotechnology into agriculture will be discussed with their journey from lab to market pathways.

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