Program for Undergraduate Research (PURE) Students Received Their Certificates

Program for Undergraduate Research (PURE) for the Summer Term of the 2018-2019 Academic Year ended on 8 August 2019 with the PURE Fair event.

A total of 166 students from 32 different universities attended the 2018-2019 Academic Year summer term of the PURE program organized by Sabancı University for undergraduate students to provide scientific research experience. Students, who took part in 62 interdisciplinary projects ranging from engineering to basic and social sciences for seven weeks, presented their works at the poster presentation event called PURE Fair. The first PURE program, which started in the Summer Term of 2016-2017 Academic Year and continued for seven semesters, has been attended by 581 students to date. Sabancı University Vice-Rector for Education Cem Güneri made the opening speech at the PURE Fair poster presentation. Sabancı University attaches great importance to the participation of undergraduate students in research projects. Güneri told that “You can continue to PURE program in the coming periods and you can get more meaningful results by participating in international conferences and articles that you will prepare. Keep in touch with your advisors and continue your research.”